LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete host of integrated onsite support services, coupled with world-class remote and logistical solutions to help our clients optimize their technology investments, reduce equipment downtime and increase system performance. All without the hassle of managing multiple vendors with multiple contracts.

New Builds and Remods

Optimize every storefront for success with flexible, tomorrow-proof technology solutions from LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES.

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The World’s Largest Retailer Relies on Lumens Technologies for Grand Openings LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES de-installed end of life, belted registers with new, cutting edge self-checkout registers to better enhance the needs of the customers.

National Rollouts

Across 50 locations or 5,000, LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES ’s experienced project managers can help you take your new technologies nationwide.

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You’re in Public View!

24/7 Maintenance & Support

Stay up and running with LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES ’s national network of seasoned CSPs and Field Engineers at your back.

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Accessories in the World’s BIGGEST Box

Total Power and PM

Want LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES to handle it all? Need a plan tailored to your specific project? Let LUMENS TECHNOLOGIES help.